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A: Quotation


When we make quotation,normally we will mark the composition for the product because the price might be totally different with the same style,but different material.


Our quotation is based on min quantity of 1000pcs, each color and each style to make cost calculation. If quality is less, price will be higher. We make no extra requirement to the order qty.


Our quotation is also on the basis of the min order amount USD $5000 to make cost calculation. If amount in the order is less, the price will be higher. We also make no extra requirement to the order amount.


Our quotation is normally on the basis of usual simple packing. If customers need some special accessories or make additional requirement to packing, the charge is on customer's account.


Delivery time is normally fixed after 35 to 45 days from customer's confirmation to the order and every details.


If customers have requirement to the product size (such as belts or braces), while customer doesn't make special description in the order, we will have to produce as our ordinary production.


Considering language differences and different customers and different descriptions to the product, we advise our customers to browse our web site and adopt our customary order to avoid non-essential misunderstanding.


Our normal trade term is FOB SHANGHAI or NINGBO or SHENZHEN or XIAMEN by sea .


Our payment term is normally T/T or L/C.


If T/T payment is agreed, payment term will be :


Ship by sea: 30% deposit, the balance should be paid-off within 2 weeks after we ship out the products. After we get the full payment,the original documents will be sent out or telex-released immediately.


Ship by air: 30% deposit, the balance should be paid-off before the goods Ex factory.


Selling in China : 30% deposit, the balance should be paid-off before delivery, we will issue invoice of 17% value-added tax.


The deadline of every quotation is three months. If customers have placed an order, but its quotation was made three months ago, please remake confirmation with us again.

B: Samples


If customers make no extra requirements, we usually use our present materials to make samples. Thus, our samples may be a bit different with customers' requirement in material. But customers can know its quality and style from sample. If the quantity is small, the samples will be free. Normally the samples will be finished within 2 weeks.


If customers need us to open mould or custom the materials particularly, the mould and other charges should be on customers' account. The normal sample should be finished within a month.


If customers need us to open moulds (such as the buckles,hardware or accessores,etc.), customers should supply artwork and the electronic-designed manuscript.


Normally the express charge for the samples will be on customers' account. If samples' cost is less than USD $30, the fee is on our account. Otherwise, it is also on customers' account.

C: Order


Before placing an order, please read our “terms and service” carefully.


Advise to place an order by e-mail, fax for check, to avoid making mistakes and misunderstandings.


After receipt of an order, we will reply within 24 hours, and the doubtful point should be confirmed with customers. P/I also would be made out within three days.


Customers should check our P/I carefully and confirm it,at the same time, issue L/C or arrange the deposit.


After getting the confirmation from the customers, we will arrange the material. It needs 7 to 10 days normally, and then we can make mass production. Before production, we need to confirm the receipt of original L/C or deposit. If we still don't receive the deposit or original L/C,we will have to stop production and won't start mass production until we receiv it.We won't take any responsibility if the shipment could be delayed caused by the delay of the deposit or L/C from the customer.


In the process of production, we will update the status of the order to the customer on every friday.


Before delivery of one or two weeks, we will send shipping notice for customers' confirmation, we will arrange delivery after no misunderstanding.


We can supply a complete set of pre-production sample before bulk production to customers' requirement. Similarly, we can also supply a complete set of pre-delivery sample(shipping sample) to customers before delivery. But customer must pay more attention that the delivery time may be delayed to one or two weeks' because of essential confirmation to pre-production sample before mass production or pre-delivery sample. All the charges of pre-production sample are on our account,but the express charge for the charges of pre-delivery sampe will have to be on the customer's account(one set of sample fee will be still on our account).if the customer need more sets of samples,all charges will be paid by the customer.


If we need to open the moulds for the mass product,the mould fee is normally on customers' account. Once the quantity is large (over 5000 pcs), the fee is on our account.


In the ordinary mass production, the thickness and length of a belt can be a bit different with sample. Normally size is 1.0cm more or less; thickness is 2mm more or less. Customers ought to accept it. As to quantity, 2% more or less (genuine leather belt is 5% more or less) is allowed. We hope customers can understand and accept it. If customers have some extra requirements, we can also follow you without any fee. In color, there may be a bit of difference in different lots. We hope customers can understand and accept it.


If accessories are supplied by customers, we won't take any responsibility because of delay or quality. However, we can examine quantity and quality after receiving accessories, and then we can report to customers elaborately as soon as possible. Customers make decision whether it is available or not, we will take the responsibility once accessories are lost or broken because of our bad protection.


The lot is regarded as OK if customers confirmed pre-production sample, and product quality is same with pre-production.


If quality problem or delay is caused by customers, customers should take the responsibility. If we cause the quality problem, we will take the responsibility. If problem is occurred before goods delivery, customers can refuse goods and claim for deposit, or we arrange to do it again, also the fee is on our account. If goods have been sent out, we can accept discount according to products' actual condition (maximum is 30%). If customers can't accept it, we will arrange to withdraw goods (goods by air can't be withdrawn but to accept discount, air freight is on customers' account if customers need us to accept withdrawal). The returning sea freight charge and fee consumed in China are on our account, other fees in foreign countries are on customers' account. If breakage or loss is caused in the process of withdrawal, customers should take the responsibility. After receipt of withdrawal, we can arrange refundment. Withdrawal or other claims should be regarded as ending of an order. Customers can't ask the redone goods by air because of delay of delivery time in the condition of withdrawal or discount.


If delivery delay is caused by us, customers have right to cancel the order or take back the deposit. If the goods will have to sent out by air because of our delay ,the flight cost will be on our account. But air freight charge must be lower than 40% of goods' value, or we just pay 40% of goods' value as air freight charge. But customers can't cancel the order in the following condition:original shipping way is by sea, we delay the shiping,but we send the goods by flight to ensure the customer can receive the goods on time and we pay the cost difference between the flight charge and the sea charge.


In the normal situation, we can only accept the maximum claim 40% of goods' value (including freight and discount). If amount of claim exceeds, we have the right to cancel the order.

D: About product number of our company and instructions of abbreviation


Goods number of product: ABCDEFGXX (XX is number of color, can be omitted)



As number of company brand, we usually use T, its representation is TOTAL.


As category of goods:
1.belts; 2.suspenders; 3,other leathers; 4.ties;5.shirts;6.presents; 7.other products; 8.buckles;
9,raw materials; 0.packing accessories.


As upper material of finished product or main material or material name of raw material (no including buckle and suspenders):
1.full grain;2.split leather;3.PU leather; 4.PU or PVC; 5. bonded leather; 6.braided belt;
7.hardware material; 8.textile; 9.others;


DEFG (buckle:CDEFG): subdivision as the material.

Such as:


Categary of belts (begin with TI):
C. as upper material of belt;
D. as diameter's width of belts' buckle: 1. 4.0 cm; 2. 3.5cm ; 3. 3cm ; 4. 2.5cm ; 5. more 4.0cm ; 0. less 2.5cm ;
EFG is sequence number


Category of suspenders:
C. width of suspenders: 1. 3.6 cm; 2. 2.5cm ; 3. others;
D. type of suspenders: 1. Y type; 2. X type; 3. H type; 4. others;
E. with leather accachment or not: 1. without; 2. with up leather attachment; 3.with down leather attachment; 4. with up and down attachment;
FG is sequence number:


Other leather products (begin with T3)


Tie (begin with T4)


Shirt (begin with T5)


Present (begin with T6)


Other product (begin with T7)


Category of buckle (begin with T8):
C is type of buckle: 1.for pin buckle; 2.for plate buckle; 3.for clip buckle; 4.for automatic buckle;
D is width of buckle: 1.for 4.0cm ; 2.for 3.5cm ; 3.for 3.0cm ; 4.for 2.5cm ; 5.for wider than 4.0cm ; 0.for wider than 2.5cm ;
EFG is sequence number.


Raw material (begin with T9):

T91 is full grain; T92 is split leather;T93 is PU leather; T94 is imitation leather(Pu and PVC);
T95 is bonded leather; T96 is webbing( subdivided by width); T97 is hardware l(except for buckle); T98 is textile;T99 is others; T0 is other accessories(begin with T0).


Belts' material:
full grain(FU);split leather (SP); PU leather(PL); bonded leather(BL);metal belt(MB); webbing(WE);
imitation leather(PU or PVC).


For example:
(FU//:one pcs of full grain belt);
(PL/BL/SP: upper material:PU leather;middle part:bonded leather;backing:split leather;
(FU//PL: uppar part:full grian leather;backing:PU leather;without middle part);
(MB+PU/BL/SP: metal belt, strap's material: material:PU;middle part:bonded leather;backing:split leather)


Description to belts' type:


Strap:10. Feather edge; 11. Cut edge; 19. Others;
Attachment:20. Screw fitting; 21. Sewn to strap; 23. Hand sewn to strap; 29. Others;
Stitching:30. Single stitching; 31. Double stitching; 32. Without stitching; 39. Others;
3*+A:match color; 3*+B:contrast color;3*+C:other color
Loop: 40.single;41. double; 42.without;49. others;
Tip shape:50.semi-oval;51.semi-round;52.point-shape;53.semi-square;54. square;59. others
Tip hole:60. round;61. oval;62. ,cut-hole;69. others

E: Others


Normally, we will response within 24 hours to all enquiries.


We usually contact with customers by e-mail, telephone, fax, mobile phone etc. if necessary, we also can communicate with our clients by video frequency talking or MSN, ICQ, QQ and so on.


If customers are not satisfactory to our service, you can contact


We usually offer the newest style for customers' reference.


to the style we have done for customers, we can supply category or product information (pictures, materials, price and quality requirement included) to the customers.

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